How to Start a Garden from Scratch

Gardening is a fun and interesting hobby that anyone could start. It can be done virtually anywhere. However, it requires adequate knowledge and skills in order to create your own garden even with anything you got in your own house.

That said, here are three tips on how to start a garden from scratch.

Know What Type of Garden You’d Like to Start

To start planting your garden, you must know first what plants you want to plant in it. From there, you can easily determine the materials, amount of care, and the condition to make your garden plants grow healthy and beautiful.

You can have a flower garden, a vegetable garden, or a mix of both. There are unique types of gardens too. Flower and vegetable gardens are the most common since you can start one virtually anywhere without requiring extra care and controlled environment conditions.

Buy Garden Materials or Recycle for One

Planting materials are not so hard to find. Local stores offer cheap plant pots, organic soil packs, and even starter fertilizers. Specialized garden stores offer high-quality plant materials, although they cost more.

However, with plant seeds, it is best to buy them at your nearest garden centers to get better seed quality. Never plant vegetables you bought in the supermarket as they are chemically-treated to stay fresh.

If you think the budget is something you consider when you want to start your own garden, you can use spare tires or plastic bottles, cut them, fill them with soil, and plant your fruit pits or vegetable residues in it. You can also plant flowers by taking a stem or branch, leaving the end soaked in water with mixed fertilizers in it, or even directly planting it on your recycled pot.

Be Patient, Gardens Require a Lot of TLC’s

Starting your own garden requires an extra amount of effort to diligently water your plants, move them to a place with adequate sunlight, and providing them extra treatment like fertilizers and pesticides.

From your own backyard to your own apartment window ledge, you can start your own garden. It doesn’t require a genius to know how to start a garden from scratch. It takes interest, patience, and diligence to make your garden something to be proud of, even when you are a complete beginner.

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