What Do Garden Lizards Eat?

Not many people may know it, but garden lizards are actually quite beneficial for gardens. They are creatures that can control the insect population so that you won’t have too many crickets eating on your leaves or earthworms trotting about. That said, it’s beneficial if you encourage these long-tailed friends to move into your garden so that they can help you guard it. Of course, this begs the question, “what do garden lizards eat?”

We’ll find out below.

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Typically, small garden lizards would feast on small bugs that are much smaller than them. Some examples of these bugs include crickets, caterpillars, and moths. They also usually eat flies, earthworms, and spiders that appear on your plants.


Snails are a little bit big, so this really depends on the size of your garden lizard. The smaller ones would eat slugs that come from the ground, but the bigger lizards would even feed on the adult snails.

Plants and Vegetables

The common garden lizard doesn’t usually chomp on plants or vegetables because they usually prefer insects. However, there are some species that may actually prefer to eat things that come out of your garden. Fortunately, these lizards don’t really hang around in gardens as these are usually exotic, wild ones. The common garden lizards would sometimes eat leaves but not so much to the point that it will harm your garden.


Yes, there actually are supplements for lizards. While these reptile supplements are usually targeted to the exotic lizards that most people keep as pets, they also can be fed to the regular garden lizards. Two vitamins that are especially good for lizards are calcium and Vitamin D3. If you want to encourage lizards to come to your garden, you can leave some of these supplements in the spots where they usually stay at.


Always been wondering what garden lizards eat? Well, these are some of the things they like to consume. If you do have a garden, it’ll be very beneficial to take care of your resident lizards so that they can help you out as well. They can take care of your garden by making sure insects don’t swarm in.

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