How Long Do Garden Snails Live

Having to deal with snails in your beautiful garden is not fun. Moreover, they not only leave a horrible mark as they move around your garden, but they also feed on your plants. If you are more into nature taking its course on pests on your garden, you may be wondering how long do garden snails live.

Average Snail’s Life

On average, a garden snail’s life expectancy is around 2 to 5 years. However, how long do garden snails live depend on the environment they live in. In captivity, snails can last for up to 10 to 15 years. The behavioral characteristics of a snail protect it from the daily dangers. While in captivity, as such, its defense mechanisms are mostly at use since it feels threatened. Among the primary defense mechanisms is to tuck back in its shell.

Given that a whole year is long enough to ruin your stunning garden, you may want to exploit some means to keep them off. There are natural ways to do so, but you can also go for an offensive alternative, especially when their numbers and effects are worrying.

Keeping Snails Off Your Garden

Snails are very slow; if you are not afraid of their mucky texture, you can pick them off your garden. The other natural way of dealing with snails is bringing predators in your garden such as birds. Grapefruit trap is another excellent approach in your pursuit to keep your garden snail-free. After savoring on the delicious fruit, leave the halves on the garden overnight, and you will find the snails in the halves.

One offensive way to handle the snails is by introducing broken eggshells in your garden. Since they are sharp, they can pierce the snails to death or force them to look for a different environment.

In some cultures, snails are a delicacy. Snails can crawl into your house, and given their small size and flexible body as they do not have a spinal cord, the smallest cracks are enough to let them in. If you are not thrilled by their presence in your garden, take note that they can last up to five years; pick a suitable measure to keep them off.

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