What Do Garden Snakes Eat?

Garden snakes are commonly found in North America and Central America. They are medium sized and nearly harmless. They are usually about 2 to 3 feet in length. Garden snakes have different kinds and subspecies, but all of them are similarly thin and small. In this article, let’s tackle more about garden snakes like what do garden snakes eat and so on.

All About Garden Snakes

Garden snakes like to stay in the wetlands, forests, grasslands. They can be seen lying and exposed in the sunlight in ponds or streams. At times, they hide under logs and rocks.

In general, garden snakes are carnivorous, just like all other snakes. Garden snakes eat anything that they can subdue. Most of the time, they prefer to catch live prey. They can also eat dead animal flesh if they cannot find prey. They can easily adapt to their habitat which makes them eat whatever is available. Toads, for example, are known to have toxic skin secretion. Garden snakes are immune to these secretions, and they can easily overpower toads.

Garden snakes usually hunt when the temperature is warm – early morning, late afternoon or early evening. When they are in landed areas, they usually hunt for, mice, rabbits, snails, slugs, ants, lizards, eggs, nestlings, small birds, earthworms. They eat pests in the garden which is helpful in lessening the use of pesticides.

When they are near ponds or streams, they eat frogs, leaches, toads, and salamander. In order to capture their prey, they ambush and peer them. They have a very good sense of smell, they have a very quick reflex and they use their sharp teeth to immobilize their victim.

What Do Garden Snakes Eat if you have them as pets?

Captive Garden Snakes can be fed thawed rodents. They can be occasionally be given fresh whole feeder fish, frogs, toads and earthworms. Live prey can hurt and bite the snakes, therefore should not be given.

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