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How Long Do Garden Spiders Live

Garden spiders are commonly found on meadows, clearings, and gardens. They weave beautiful and delicate orb-shaped webs. You will be able to tell if you are looking at a garden spider by their egg-shaped abdomen. If a garden spider has pale yellow patches on the abdomen, it is a male spider. Having bright yellow patches […]


What Do Garden Lizards Eat?

Not many people may know it, but garden lizards are actually quite beneficial for gardens. They are creatures that can control the insect population so that you won’t have too many crickets eating on your leaves or earthworms trotting about. That said, it’s beneficial if you encourage these long-tailed friends to move into your garden […]

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What Do Garden Snails Eat

Garden snails are terrestrial living organisms that have emerged as pests for garden crops. They feed mostly at night because they spend the whole day hiding away from the unhospitable high light intensity. However, when it’s foggy, rainy, or cloudy, garden snails go out to feed during the day. The reason is that they require […]


What Do Garden Snakes Eat?

Garden snakes are commonly found in North America and Central America. They are medium sized and nearly harmless. They are usually about 2 to 3 feet in length. Garden snakes have different kinds and subspecies, but all of them are similarly thin and small. In this article, let’s tackle more about garden snakes like what […]