How to Make a Garden Arch with PVC Pipe

Gardening is the most basic thing you can do at home, whether as a hobby or as one of your household chores. It can also be considered as a form of exercise or home beautification. For some people, they are really after a natural, greener environment that can be brought by gardening.

When you talk about gardening, it is expected that there will be some designs or structures to make it more attractive. You may include mini-playground, garden statues, mini-fountains, and arches in the list.

Among those, let’s focus on how to make a garden arch with PVC pipe. These are as follows:

Cut the Pipes

You need to cut the PVC pipes that will serve as the rounded tops of your garden arch. The number of pieces will depend on how big or small you want it. You can use an electric or manual handsaw to achieve this.

Heat the Pipes

After that, using a heat gun, you must heat the pieces of the pipes until you can touch or mold them for your preferred design. As a safety measure, you must wear a pair of leather gloves. You can bend the heated PVC pipes using a pipe-bending tool and reheat them again in case you can’t mold them anymore.

Start the Building Process

Build the garden arch in an equal portion according to your design or layout. You can have several gaps depending on the number of your available PVC pipes. Aside from the PVC pipes, you also need T-joints, electric fence wires, wood screws, wood blocks, or any additional decorations according to your taste or preference.

For the tools, you must have an electric or manual handsaw, heat gun, pipe bender, and leather gloves. Once you have attached the PVC pipes using liquid nails, it is best advised to have it dry overnight to ensure its durability.

In addition, you can also paint your PVC pipe garden arch, but you should wipe the entire arch with alcohol after sanding it. These are the steps on how to make a garden arch with PVC pipe. Simply follow them to make sure your work will become a success.

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