How to Apply Sulfur to Garden

The soil’s components are composed of sulfur and other elements needed for plant production. When there’s little or no sulfur in the soil, it will cause the plant to become yellowish and make it bear less fruit. In worse cases, there won’t be any fruit production at all.

Sulfur acts in two ways in order to produce a healthy plant. First, it helps in forming the proteins necessary for plant vitamins. Second, it maintains a low soil pH when converted to sulfuric acid from bacteria. All these purposes help increase the root’s access to more soil nutrients. With this, it is good to know how to apply sulfur to garden if the soil has no sulfur at all.

What to Prepare

You will need these following things when applying sulfur to the garden:

  • Sulfate-based soil fertilizer
  • Elemental sulfur
  • Soil test kit
  • Shovel

Once you’ve prepared the things you need, it’s time to talk about the steps:

Test the Soil

It is important that the soil is tested before applying sulfur. This very important because it will be the basis in applying the right amount of sulfur to the soil. Using a garden calculator, make sure to check how much you need to lower down the acidity or pH of the soil. Make sure to get the neutral pH result of 6.5 or 7.

Add Elemental Sulfur

When soil testing is done, get the right amount of elemental sulfur and evenly apply it to the soil using a rake. Once the sulfur is added, use a shovel to mix the soil and sulfur. Make sure the mixture will be completely mixed. Adding sulfur to the soil plays an important role in plant production.

When sulfur is added in the soil, the mixture will take weeks before the bacteria converts to sulfuric acid. Also, adding sulfur to the soil depends on what plant will be planted. There are some plants that require a specific amount of sulfur needed. Therefore, you have to make sure to check this first before adding sulfur-based soil fertilizer.


It will take several weeks or a month before you can start planting in your garden. The bacteria added in the soil will be converted into sulfuric acid which is necessary for your produce. From time to time, always mix the soil using a shovel to evenly spread the sulfur which is needed to remedy the deficiency. Also, keep in mind not too add too much nor too little sulfur.

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