Tips on How to Plant a Butterfly Garden

Are you planning to build a beautiful butterfly garden? If yes, then this is your best chance and the right time to bring life and color into your backyard by creating a butterfly garden. Having a beautiful butterfly garden in your home is a rewarding activity which also adds beauty to our home’s backyard.

Below are a few easy and practical tips on how to plant a butterfly garden.

Choose the Right Site

This is the first step in building and eventually planting your own butterfly garden. There are several factors in selecting the site of a butterfly garden. You have to consider the location’s ability to receive enough sunlight for the benefit of the plants. The site should also be free from pesticide and have enough protection from the wind in order for the butterfly to survive.

Do Extensive Research on the Recommended Plants that are Right for Your Garden

This is one of the best practical tips that should be remembered on how to plant a butterfly garden. There are a lot of plants that you can consider into your garden depending on the location and needs.

There are different great nectar plants that attract butterfly, and there are also different butterfly breeding ground plants to choose from. It is up to you, the gardener, which plants you select.

Properly Arrange the Plants in the Butterfly Garden

After researching and familiarizing the plants and the butterfly species, it is now time to plant in your garden. There are recommended ways on how to arrange the plants in your butterfly garden, and it should follow a professional way that attracts butterflies while creating a beautiful arrangement. The plants should be customized and planted according to color and height to promote harmony in the garden.

Add Other Elements into Your Garden to Attract More Butterfly

As a gardener, you have the option to add other things to make the most out of your butterfly garden. You can add a nectar feeder to supplement the nectar that the plants produce in your garden. You can also add bird baths or a butterfly house into your garden as an added attraction and also to protect all the butterflies. Adding a rock is also an alternative to provide warmth for the butterfly to sit in the sun.

Building and eventually planting your first butterfly garden is an easy thing to do. Follow the tips above to build an exciting and colorful butterfly garden in your backyard.

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