When Are Potatoes Ready To Harvest?

Are you new to potato farming? If so, you might want to learn when are potatoes ready to harvest. This is actually among the dilemmas new gardeners face – they don’t know when they should start harvesting their crops.

This is actually risky in farming since there’s a chance that you will either harvest the potatoes when they haven’t matured yet or when they’ve already started spoiling. Harvesting potatoes at the right time allows your produce to be stored for a long time without getting spoilt. Therefore, as a farmer, you need to know when are potatoes ready to harvest.

These are some useful tips that will help you:

Start Harvesting when the Top of the Vine has Died

Potatoes are harvested when the foliage has completely withered and died. This period allows them to store enough starch. Harvesting should be done in between 2 weeks after the flowers have disappeared.

When the Skin of the Potato Doesn’t Scrub Off Easily

To make sure that your potatoes are ready for harvesting, pull a single potato and rub it against your hands. A mature potato won’t scrub off easily. Therefore, if the skin of your potato comes off easily, then it simply means that the rest of your crops are not yet ready for harvest. You have to give them a few more days to fully mature.

When the Foliage Has Turned Brown

Mature potatoes are characterized by the foliage turning brown. The browning is caused by the death of the plant cells. With this, you can confirm that your potatoes are waiting to be harvested.

For the highest yield in your crops, you have to harvest your potatoes at the correct time as discussed above. In most cases, they shouldn’t be harvested when it’s raining or when the ground’s wet.

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