How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes?

Planting potatoes are easy and fast. However, it is a common question among small, starter farmers and garden enthusiasts on the length of time to grow these tubers. How long does it take to grow potatoes? The answer depends on the variety and growth environment potatoes are sowed. This is because potatoes take some time to grow and require special conditions for them to grow naturally and be free of any disease or deformations.

What Affects the Growth Rate of Potatoes?

If you have simply reused a potato bought from your local supermarket, expect that these seed potatoes require a lot of tender loving care and extra time to heal and become free from the chemical treatment they had gone through to stay fresh.

Also, these seed potatoes are not even recommended by expert gardeners in planting potatoes. Most horticulturist and garden connoisseurs recommend buying seed potatoes from your local garden center or agricultural officers. These are naturally-cultivated seed potatoes designed for gardening even on an urban style of farming.

The condition of the soil is also important when planting potatoes. For starters, you have to plant your seed potatoes on a soil with a temperature of 40° F. The soil condition should not be too wet, dry, nor cold to avoid getting your tubers to show deformities due to ailments.

The method of planting your potatoes also determines their growth rate. Seed potatoes should not take long and would grow on schedule. Soil and sow care also determine how long the tubers start sprouting.

Final Thoughts

So, how long does it take to grow potatoes?  Normal growth takes about three to four weeks from date of sowing up to the time sprouts start to turn brown. Harvesting time should take another ten to fourteen days depending on the readiness of the tubers to be removed from the ground.

Harvesting your potatoes should not be done hastily to avoid bruises. You should also never add more fertilizers to speed up the growth process. Potatoes are better left grown naturally to get the best potato harvest on your small farm or garden.

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