How to Plant a Raised Garden

Planting vegetables in your backyard garden is especially fun and practical. However, not everyone has a spacious yard to plant various fruits and vegetables. A raised garden is the best solution to accommodate all your plants in your garden. That said, here are ways on how to plant a raised garden. 

Create the Plant Box and Add Quality Soil 

Plant boxes are the beams or supporters that raises your garden upwards. A plant box can be made of wooden beams, spare tires, or even hollow blocks. Once the plant box is set, you can fill it with quality soil. These types of soil contain rich organic materials that are essential in the growth and formation of plants.

Other alternatives include mulches, composts, and other quality soil materials found in your nearest garden centers. If you only have ordinary garden soil, treat it first with fertilizers and organic materials before putting it to the plant box. You may want to add earthworms as well to help in root formation and add more nutrients through their fecal wastes. 

Plant your Plants a Little Bit Closer 

The reason behind spacing your plants a bit closer is the concentration of nutrients found in raised garden soils. The arrangement of your plants varies on its height and type. It is also best to match them accordingly as there are some plants that will not get along if placed in one garden bed. 

For taller plants like tomatoes, it is best to position them on the north side. Medium-sized plants like peppers can be planted in the midsection and shorter plants like your carrots and radishes on the south side. Onions and herbs are best planted on the outside section or in the corners to occupy the smaller spaces and help ward off insects that could infest your plant growth. 

Water the Plants Generously 

Watering them doesn’t just hydrate the plants in the new raised garden bed. It also optimizes the nutrients in the soil, making it more optimal for plant absorption and gives more fluffiness to the soil. However, do not water it too much or you might flood the raised garden. 


Keep in mind that raised gardens are not the same as planting in a garden pot. Garden pots are literally raised off the ground, while raised gardens are still connected to the original soil in your backyard. Also, these techniques on how to plant a raised garden help if your backyard soil is not optimal for planting or if you simply want to organize the plants in your garden.

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