How to Make a Tower Garden

For those people who would like to start gardening but only have lesser space in the yard, vertical gardening or commonly called tower garden is the answer. This latest trend of gardening will allow every household to grow vegetable plants at a cheaper cost. With this idea, it is much healthier for a family to pick up fresh vegetables directly from their tower garden.

At the same time, this trend will ultimately help every family save a lot of money from buying in the grocery store. This begs the question: is making a tower garden that simple? What are the steps on how to make a tower garden?

What You Need to Know

There are different varieties of a tower garden. You can make a tower garden that doesn’t require soil or requires less soil. For example, planting aerophonically allows you to only use air and water, thus saving a lot of space. The best location for a tower garden is on the balcony and patio. However, for most households who don’t have a balcony and patio, doing a tower garden in a roof is much better.

How to Make a Tower Garden

Since making a tower garden varies, these steps will show you how to make a tower garden that requires less soil. You have to prepare the following things:

  • Bucket or pot
  • Wire mesh
  • Small stones
  • Moss
  • A small amount of soil (for smaller plants)

Start by Building the Tower

Fill in the bucket or pot with small stones at least one-third full. Keep in mind that the size of your bucket depends on what kind of plant you will use. Bend the wire mesh to make it circular and insert it into the stones. Make sure the wire mesh is not loose to maintain sturdiness. Put the moss before putting the soil to maintain the moisture.

Start Planting Your Garden

Edible plants are generally good for a tower garden. If your tower garden is big, you can start planting cucumber or tomatoes since both plants need a wider room to grow. You can also plant bitter gourd since it can use wire mesh to climb up and grow.

Maintain the Garden

Always check the tower for pest and invasive insects. Water the plant every day and spray it with compost tea for at least once a month.

If you wanted to make a garden and conserve space at the same time, these are just a few of the simple steps on how to make a tower garden.

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