How to Make A Hydroponic Garden

A hydroponic garden is an effective way of growing plants without soil. Aside from that, it gives you around 30-50 percent higher yield and a faster plant growth rate. One of the advantages of growing your plants through a hydroponic garden is having less concern about bugs and pests.

That said, let’s find out how to make a hydroponic garden in your home.

Find a Suitable Location

Ideally, you want to build the hydroponic system in an enclosed area. The best locations would be a greenhouse, in the basement, or in the patio. The floor should be flat to make sure that water and plant nutrients are evenly distributed.

Build the Water Table

The water table will contain the water for the garden. You can simply build a flood table out of wood. The length and the width will depend on how many plants you want to grow in the garden.

Create a Floating Platform

You can use styrofoam to make a floating platform. This is important to prevent the roots of the plant and the soil from rotting.

Cut Holes in the Floating Platform

The holes can be 2 to 3 inches for planting. Cut holes according to your desired number of plants to grow.

Install Drip Emitters

Drip emitters should be installed to make sure excess water is removed from the hydroponic garden.

Place the Flood Table on a Stand

The flood table should be elevated. If you are building your hydroponic garden indoors, put a bucket underneath the drip emitters. Fill the water table halfway.

Install Grow Lights

If you decide to grow your plants indoors, you will need grow lights using metal halide lights or sodium bulbs. Place the bulb over the water table, right in the spot where it can get a lot of light.

Place Plant Food on Your Hydroponic Garden

Since plants get nutrients from the soil, and hydroponic gardens are soilless, you need to put plant food in the garden. This is to ensure that all the nutrients needed to grow your plant is enough to make them healthy. Plant the crops or whatever plant you have decided to grow. If you do not have time to grow seeds, you can purchase seedlings and plant them.

This basic guide on how to make a hydroponic garden is an effective way of growing plants in a sterile environment without the use of any harmful chemicals to grow them.

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