Reasons why Colombia holds many freight brokerage agencies

Reasons why Colombia holds many freight brokerage agencies
A lot of flight brokerage offices have employees in Colombia. The US logistics industry has long kept this a secret. Recent graduates in Cartagena might handle duties like night tracker and compliance officers instead of Chicago.Last week, Freight Waves came across Robert Cadena, a former broker who operates Lean Staffing Solutions, a near-shore service provider. This company supplies and runs satellite openings of U.S freight brokerages in Bogota, Cartagena, Barranquilla, and soon Medellin. Cadena explained that the business began as a cost-effective opportunity. However, when they came across bilingual campus graduates, they absorbed them. Colombia has a high rate of unemployment and the graduates are so talented.

The logistics industry has provided job opportunities to Colombian graduates

Eleven years later, Cadena sold his benefit to his trade partner then came up with a lesser truckload logistics company and traded it to an asset-based shipper. Together with his business colleagues, they began on-boarding companies, starting with entry-level jobs in track-and-trace, dispatch for both night and weekends, and collections.Later on, it developed into other departments like billing, sales-generating positions, safety, and carrier marketing. According to Cadena, since 2015, Lean Staffing has advanced by a growth rate of fourteen hundred percent. Up to date, the corporation accommodates six hundred and fifty staff for an estimate of seventy freight brokerages, comprising popular brands like Arrive Logistics and Nolan Transportation Group.Additionally, about one hundred workers are undertaking a training programmer.

An effective partnership needed for smooth operations

Employees in Lean Staffing operate in dedicated terms at registered offices with the same emblems on the wall. Each of the company's clients has his arrangement, and the Colombian satellite office links to the brokerage’s organization through discrete virtual private networks. Ninety-five percent of clients come from Colombia, meet their staff, tutor them, and explain to them what they expect. The company assists in managing the operation, rendering it a true partnership.

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