Venezuela in crisis: ‘There is no water, no power, no nothing’

Venezuela in crisis: ‘There is no water, no power, no nothing’
You might survive without electricity but how about without water? These strikes both as power grid failures repeatedly occurring in Caracas, Venezuela which results in a short supply of water in the country. The country has a lot of water resources, but it was affected negatively by the blackouts that cause water services to become limited since there was no electricity in water pumping stations. Living with a scarcity of water is becoming the norm in some areas, with many doing their best to collect it when it's available. Imagine a day without water, this has been the struggle that people in Venezuela need to overcome. They felt sick as there is no power or water in the area. One commented that they used to have these in abundance, but things had already changed. Citizens in Petare, one of the world’s largest slums that’s located in the hills on the outskirts of Caracas, have been particularly suffering from this shortage. Residents expressed anger over their unwanted situation. There were protesters from different parts of the country who conveyed how they suffer because of their current situation. They considered it an economic crisis that every family across Venezuela need to face just to survive. People have been spending 15 days to 1 month without water, causing them to get sick. A family of 7-10 has been struggling to survive a day without electricity and worst without water. Despite the chaos, everybody is taking part in conserving as much water as they can whenever they find it accessible, though there were areas where water is not clean which is another challenge for them. The Venezuela government is now doing its best to solve the problem. They believe that it might be political, that the opponents might be sabotaging the power supply, said by the president. On the other hand, if there are proper management and continuous maintenance, it could have been prevented. 

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