Edmontonians Raise $113,000 to Help Feed Children At Ecuador Orphanage

Edmontonians Raise $113,000 to Help Feed Children At Ecuador Orphanage
We normally see children on the street begging for food with nothing to wear and no roof to take shelter in. They might be abandoned by their parents or most probably their parents are dead,  and no one is around to take care of them. We call them orphans. Luckily, we have a home available for them.
Orphanages are institutions who take responsibility for taking care of the orphans. They provide their basic needs such as education, clothing, and food. However, since there is no fixed money allowance or support allotted for them, there were times that they are not capable of providing those needs.
In the village of Zumbahua, Ecuador, a fund was raised to support an orphanage.
“We need to raise $400 a month to make sure these youngsters living in extreme poverty have a hot meal every day for the next year,” said Hamaliuk, an Edmonton personal fitness trainer.
A dinner was organized by the Canadian Volunteers for International Development Society (CVIDS) that aims to help an orphanage in Ecuador. The dinner attracts a lot of health care professionals and people who have been supporting Ecuador for a long time. As a result, they were able to raise funds in a short span of time that will support the orphanage's needs not only for one but for two years.
“We’ve raised some $113,000 so far this week and funds are still coming in,” said Dr. John DiToppa, an ear, nose and throat specialist.
This is not the first time that the group helped people in charity. For the last 10 years up to now, the group has been helping people with different needs.
In 2005, a group under the direction of Santa Maria Goretti parish priest Don Luciano decided to form a non-profit humanitarian organization to help the poor.
DiToppa was a leading member of the group, which began as a surgical mission.
“Don Luciano contacted a friend of his, Padre Pio, who has been a missionary in Ecuador for 44 years,” he said.
“Our society is not affiliated with any religious organization, but to travel to these countries one must be first invited and secondly, we needed a hospital to operate on our patients. Padre Pio gave us access to his hospital in Cayambe, Ecuador.”
“We are a very small group and know our projects to help the less fortunate could not have been realized without the generous help of Edmontonians,” said DiToppa.
“Everyone pays their own way on our missions and we always return with photos of projects that have come to fruition.”
It truly proves that even a small force can give a huge change. These good deeds will not only save lives but could change lives.

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