US, advocates Venezuela to halt bridge closure

US, advocates Venezuela to halt bridge closure
Mike Pompeo, state secretary for Donald Trump, has appealed to Nicholas Maduro, Venezuela’s acting president, to permit the entrance of aid to the country. Pompeo urged Maduro to resign and sent a harsh caution to Russia and Cuba.This plea was after Pompeo paid a visit on Sunday to a migrant center in Cucuta, near Colombian border city. About three million Venezuelans have escaped from the food shortage, poor quality health, political crisis, and hyperinflation at their homes.

Pompeo’s warnings to Russia and Cuba for supporting Venezuela

The UN approximates that amount will exceed five million by the end of the year. Pompeo called on Maduro to end the bridge closure. He further warned that the US would proceed with every political and economical way at their disposal to assist the Venezuela people.He alerted Cuba and Russia that their continued backing up of Nicolas Maduro will severely cost them. State secretary for the US visit to Cucuta together with the Colombian president Ivan Duque took place as the involvement of a four-action South American expedition focused at putting pressure on Maduro. Freddy Bernal, a government official close with the nation’s Maduro backup group, said that Pompeo came to terrorize them and command his servant, Ivan Duque.

The humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela

Maduro has inflicted a barrier alongside Venezuela’s borders to impede humanitarian help from Brazil, the Dutch Caribbean, and Colombia from getting to the nation. The interim Venezuelan president links the aid with a US conquest and has mentioned US injections as the reason for the country’s fiscal crisis.Venezuelan authorities have also blamed Washington of trying to oust Maduro and even accused it of an electricity grid malfunction last month that left the nation with no power for days. In January, Juan Guaido, the opposition leader, announced himself as the acting president a step focused at compelling Maduro out of the office. The US was one of the first nations to support the move.

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