Democrats Allegedly Destabilizing Guatemala for the Sake of Political Gain

Democrats Allegedly Destabilizing Guatemala for the Sake of Political Gain
Presidential candidates adopted a wide range of irresponsible immigration positions. Party members Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro are looking to decriminalize the currently illegal border crossing. O’Rourke and Sen. Gillibrand also want to demolish the existing barriers protecting border communities. Gillibrand and Castro believe that ICE, which fights transnational and terrorism crimes, should be abolished.Almost all illegal immigrants from the southern part of Mexico crossed into Mexico through the land border between Mexico and Guatemala. Democrats, along with their allies in State Department, allegedly kept this open.Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has denied that Democrats are a socialist ally who was backed by the State Department of President Obama. Since then, the leftist judiciary of Guatemala has been planning to remove Morales from his position, the same way as President Trump was treated by his comrades.Meanwhile, Rep. Norma Torres introduced the Guatemala Rule of Law Accountability Act which will allow for travel as well as financial sanctions on those who undermine the justice system of Guatemala.In order to undermine Trump and to allow illegal immigration, Democrats, as well as State Department bureaucrats, support the theft of the current presidential election for the socialist candidates.Nadler, together with Eliot Engel, Zoe Lofgren, Pramila Jayapal, and Adriano Espaillat, released a joint statement which entails that they will work in Congress to push back on the misguided approach of the president to Central America.Currently, Trump is fighting the socialism of the region which is openly being embraced by the Democratic Party. Socialists firmly believe that the government's money can fix the region's problems. This may have reference to the administration of Obama pouring money into the region and allowing for more stability.Democrats continue to attack Trump along with the leftist allies in the country of Guatemala to get rid of Morales who is mainly a law-and-order president.

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