Argentinian Circus Teaches People How to Recycle

Argentinian Circus Teaches People How to Recycle
Circo Reciclado, known as Recycled Circus in English, uses the combination of art and social impact in educating schoolchildren of the three Rs - reduce, reuse, and recycle - in waste management.The main show of the circus is “Reduzco, Reúso, Recirco” or "Reduce, Reuze, Recircus". It's an interactive kind of play the group performs for kindergarten and primary children in schools.According to Diego Brailovsky, the founder of the group, the show lasts up to about 45 minutes, and children learn and at the same time, have fun. Brailovsky said that while the educational institutions are usually structured, his group deals with the serious issue through an unstructured way.The group was created in 2012, and through the years, it has performed in around 400 educational institutions for over 45,000 students. Brailovsky added that it is important to share such environmental concepts to children while they are at such a young age so that they can easily commit to them. He said that while adults can also be engaged in the show, as they also perform in offices and public spaces, adults are likely to be less motivated compared to children, especially when it comes to actually taking action.As the data in the Waste Management World magazine revealed, Argentina is the Latin American country that comes second when it comes to having waste generation per capita which is 1.2 kilograms per day. It comes second to Mexico with a population that's almost three times its size. Moreover, a study by Fiuba and Ceamse indicated that 78% of the total waste of the country could be recycled if properly separated. Currently, only 56% is recovered.The duo created an English-speaking version of the show called the "Recycling Circus". In this show, they presented in 85 elementary schools in New Zealand. When they arrived back in Argentina, they continued the project with as much motivation.

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