Peru Receives Praise from Pompeo After It Took in 700,000 Venezuelans

Peru Receives Praise from Pompeo After It Took in 700,000 Venezuelans
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Lima on Saturday and praised Peru for taking in 700,000 Venezuelans who fled the political, humanitarian crisis back in their country.Pompeo, alongside Nestor Popolizio, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, spoke to reporters after visiting Lima and meeting President Martin Vizcarra.At the presidential palace, Pompeo said that the people of Peru was very generous for hosting nearly three-quarters of a million Venezuelan refugees.Pompeo added the information of the refugees fleeing from their home country to get away from the rolling blackouts, the empty bread shelves, the limited supply of water, the breakdown of health services, and hyperinflation, urging the United States to provide over $30 million to Peru as humanitarian aid.The official also gave thanks to Peru for giving support to Juan Guaido as the interim government's leader in Venezuela and said that the refugees' responsibility "lies squarely with Nicolas Maduro, not any policies that any democratic nation has taken with our deep intent to make lives better for the Venezuelan people."He added that the US has the same objective as Peru, and that is to let people stay in their respective home countries. He said that the governments want to establish specific conditions for these countries so that people can stay where they belong and they will not find the need to move to other places anymore.The Secretary also shared that in Venezuela, there are several reports of human rights violations, and so they have continued isolating the illegitimate dictatorial regime of Nicolas Mauro.Pompeo also discussed with the Peruvian president the bilateral trade which, the secretary said, has doubled ever since the signing of the trade agreement that took place in 2009 between the two countries.The US secretary is scheduled to visit the Venezuelan border on Sunday.

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