A Mexican Border Gate Is Broken Into By Immigrants Finding Their Way

A Mexican Border Gate Is Broken Into By Immigrants Finding Their Way
Mexican officers have said that on Friday, a convoy of around three hundred and fifty migrants destroyed locks of a gate at the Guatemala boundary, forcing their way into the Mexico southern border. The group, later on, joined another caravan of refugees attempting to migrate to the US. The National Immigration Institute did not distinguish the migrant's nationalities. However, they are generally from Central America. Another related incident took place on the same border entry between Guatemala and Mexico in 2018. The authorities said the travelers were behaving in a harsh way and also blamed them for assaulting local police officers in Metapa. Metapa is a town located near Tapachula between the borders.

Search for Better Living as The Primary Reason for Migrating

The convoy thrust the police who were watching over the bridge and merged up with a large caravan of around two thousand immigrants who were traveling towards Tapachula in the latest group to enter Mexico. Claudia Jaqueline Sandoval, a forty-three-year-old from El Progreso, Honduras, was among those walking towards Tapachula. Her six-year-old daughter accompanied her. Sandoval said she has had HIV for the last sixteen years and wanted to seek medical help in the US. Another reason she gave out for wanting to cross over was that for two years she has never heard from her other two children who live in the US and she requires finances.

Migrants from Other Nations Also Included

Several other migrant groups from the southern border of Chiapas have also risen their complaints as to how the Mexican handling of exit visas is ineffective. They said that Mexican policy aims at slowing or inhibiting the process of giving out humanitarian assistance at the border. A troop of several hundred Central American, Cuban and African immigrants has been hanging around at the immigration offices in Tapachula as they wait for documents which would permit them to walk through the US border.

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