US appeals to UN to acknowledge Guaido as President of Venezuela

US appeals to UN to acknowledge Guaido as President of Venezuela
Mike Pence, the Vice President of US, has pleaded with the body to withdraw UN credentials of Nicolas Maduro’s government.  He further urged the organization to recognize Juan Guaido, the opposition leader, as the legitimate president of Venezuela. Speaking at the UN Security Council, Pence said he had outlined a resolution on Venezuela. Even though it was not clear when it will take place and where it will be, he has arranged for the introduction of the decision. Pence also noted that the US government would finance other sixty million dollars for the humanitarian support to Venezuela.Guaido declared himself as the legitimate leaderSince he is the opposition leader, Guaido announced himself as interim president on January 23rd and more than fifty nations have acknowledged him as Venezuela's chief commander. It was the same day that he declared Maduro‘s presidency as illegitimate. On Tuesday, the OAS accepted Guaido’s diplomacy as the provincial group’s official Venezuela representative. Maduro is blaming Guaido and the US of an attempted coup. Many people believe should the US introduce the resolution at the UN council, it will not meet the expected support to succeed. Nevertheless, Pence was optimistic and told reporters that the force is on the freedom’s side.Maduro has support from other countriesMaduro upholds the support of countries like China, Russia, Turkey, and Cuba. Vassily Nebenzia, Russian Ambassador to the UN, said that the US should cease engaging in other countries’ affairs. He reminded the US that the people of Venezuela have their right to determine their future. A Venezuelan political analyst, Maria Alejandra Diaz, also said that Pence’s appeal signifies misery in the US. Diaz noted that America is attempting to force its own will, making it an asserted crisis. 

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