A Taste of Peru’s Most Famous Breakfast Item

A Taste of Peru’s Most Famous Breakfast Item
Some may not know but Peru actually has a lot of popular restaurants, especially in Lima. Peruvian dishes are now becoming a trend. In fact, two restaurants from the country’s capital actually placed 6th and 7th in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants that are being featured in a British magazine just last year. This just proves that Peru is a great destination when one wants to have a gastronomic experience, may it be cooking or trying out new dishes in the area. That’s why it’s no wonder why Tetsuo Ota, a Japanese chef who trained in Spain and Italy, chose Peru as his final stop when it comes to enriching his culinary skills. In his stay, he was able to appreciate the diversity and richness of the country. This had paved the way for his creation, which is now one of Lima’s most ordered breakfast items – the Pork belly and potato sandwich; it’s a scrumptiously delicious bun that’s filled with crispy, deep-fried pork belly that’s drenched in their sweet, tangy and mildly spicy sauce; pair it with the sweetness of the potatoes and the freshness of the mint, and you’ll have one of the most flavorful combinations that you could ever taste. Ota simply fell in love with the Peruvian cuisine and is currently training in one of Gaston Acurio’s restaurant, a chef that he adores and is one of the primary reasons why he loves Peru. Currently, Ota is doing some fair-trading work in order to purchase cacao. On his spare moments, aside from perfecting his pork belly and potato sandwich or creating new items on his menu, he acts as a guide for his fellow Japanese cooks who are visiting the area. While acting as a tourism representative for Peru, he is also preparing to open a restaurant in Japan and hopes to open a new branch overseas too. 

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