Julian Assange, Not Allowed to Stay in Ecuador’s London Embassy Permanently

Julian Assange, Not Allowed to Stay in Ecuador’s London Embassy Permanently
Foreign minister Jose Valencia stated in a report that Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, is not allowed to stay in Ecuador’s London embassy permanently. According to Valencia, staying in the already cramped quarters isn’t a feasible option for anyone.He told Teleamazonas that doing so won’t do any good to Assange’s health and state of mind. However, Ecuador denies that they are going to expel him from their London embassy.The remarks came in light of the rising tension between Assange and Ecuador’s relationship. Assange has been staying in the London embassy for more than six years already, and during his stay, he’s frequently gotten involved in heated arguments with officials over a number of reasons, including his statements on foreign affairs and such.Assange head to the embassy back in 2012 as an attempt to escape extradition to Sweden after being wanted for allegations on sexual misconduct. Even though the accusation has been dropped later on, he is still on an active arrest warrant in Britain due to a failed compliance with his bail terms.Assange also fears that he might face yet another extradition to the US for publishing tons of classified diplomatic and military information through his website, WikiLeaks.Last week on Twitter, WikiLeaks claimed that Assange would soon be expelled from the embassy within a few hours to days, according to high-level sources.Lenin Moreno, Ecuador’s president, accused WikiLeaks of publishing allegations involving offshore corruption. He also accused WikiLeaks of intercepting his phone calls and even leaking family photos throughout social media.However, WikiLeaks completely denied the accusations, calling them to be none other than complete bogus.According to Valencia, should Assange present himself to the British justice system, they would guarantee a fair trial. Despite all that, Ecuador continues to maintain Assange’s asylum status, and a statement from a senior official mentioned that there were no measures taken to kick him out of the embassy.

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