Mexico and Central America receive a warning from Trump

Mexico and Central America receive a warning from Trump
President Trump is done of playing hide and seek games with Mexico and Central American nations that profit financially from their trade bond with the US while at the same time ignoring the fact that their citizens are illegally migrating to the southern border. In March, around one hundred thousand illegal immigrants traversed through the boundary. This figure which is an estimate by the Customs and Border Protection has devastated the officials’ ability to process them. Jeh Johnson, a former secretary for the Homeland Security, accepted that there is indeed a catastrophe at the southern border.Goods worth billions of dollars shipped across the borderSpeaking during an interview in Florida, President Trump said that Mexico generates a lot of money from the US and that the American aid may cease any time. He further added that at the moment, two convoys were approaching from Guatemala passing through Mexico and if they do not end, the border will be shut down. These words are not to be taken lightly because the nation highly depends on trade with the US economy. Goods worth of billions of dollars slip through the border daily. In September, more than thirty-four billion commodities shifted at the boundary in both ways. This figure is more than one billion value of moneymaking activity each day. Without any doubt, if the southern border closes, the Mexican economy would be adversely affected. If ports of entry were shut down, merchandise lying in the warehouses would render useless.Financial aid by the US to revokeOther than the financial pressure on Mexico, Trump has stated that the federal government also contributes worth billions of dollars annually to assist the Central American nations to settle their monetary and humanitarian problems. He noted that this assistance would withdraw as those nations have not been putting effort to prevent their citizens from illegally moving to the US.   

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