Trade and Export Promotion Minister Pays a Visit to Argentina for Future Trade Opportunities

Trade and Export Promotion Minister Pays a Visit to Argentina for Future Trade Opportunities

The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Baroness Fairhead, travels to Argentina and Brazil for future trade discussions in the region. Baroness Fairhead will meet with various key business in both nations, alongside government ministers, to talk about the UK’s commitment to investments and trades.

While in Argentina, the minister has agreed to the Better Regulation forum between both governments to further ease trading. This meeting is designed to reflect on the possible opportunities and tackle the current challenges between the UK and Argentina.

Trading with Brazil has increased by 4.7% in 2018. Meanwhile, exports to Argentina increased by 4.1%. With such healthy levels of trading, it is expected that there will be a number of opportunities allowing UK businesses to establish their businesses outside Europe.

While in Argentina, Baroness Fairhead has met and talked with officials and businesses regarding how the two countries can pave the way for easier and improved market access. During her visit, she highlighted the UK’s capability in terms of mining, infrastructure, energy, mining, and financial services.

She also co-chaired the UK-Argentina Commercial Dialogue’s fourth meeting. Its main goal is to open bilateral trade discussions between the UK and Argentina. The latest discussions were mostly about dealing with market access issues which affected trading between both nations.

After the meeting, a new Better Regulation forum was then agreed by both governments, allowing them to promote direct exchanges between regulators. Hopefully, such efforts will allow UK businesses to integrate themselves into the Argentinian market while supporting the nation’s effort to modernize their regulatory environment and improve their overall international trading status.

According to Baroness Fairhead, the visits to Brazil and Argentina were a brilliant opportunity that allowed the UK to talk with government officials and businesses regarding trading and how they can further improve their trading relationship.

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