Assange Says He is At Risk of Assassination

Assange Says He is At Risk of Assassination
Julian Assange said, "I am an assassination risk," in his leaked testimony to the Ecuador court. According to the constitution, the country will be violating its rules if it expels Assange from the London embassy while knowing that he is at risk of an assassination, suggested WikiLeaks as it releases the journalist's testimony in court.Under Article 79 in the Ecuadorean constitution, it is emphasized that "in no case shall the extradition of an Ecuadorean be granted.” This was told by Assange to the Ecuadorean court in October when he made a request of the restoration of his privileges in communication.In response, the government tells WikiLeaks that Assange may be expelled from the embassy of Ecuador within a number of hours or days.Earlier, WikiLeaks release a transcript of the WikiLeaks founder's statement after news of his expulsion from the embassy was released on Thursday. In the transcript, most of Assange's statements defends himself and his right to stay in the embassy as he was granted asylum as well as citizenship. The 47-year-old also accused Lenin Moreno of illegally putting limits in his communication rights and pressuring from the United States, which demanded his extradition after he revealed Washington's biggest issues.In the middle of all these issues, WikiLeaks remains to support the accused and Ecuador from bringing Assange to expulsion from the UK embassy.Assange told the Ecuadorean court, “The fact that a government controls a particular piece of space does not mean it can violate its Constitution, can violate UN-mandated rights, that it can engage in punishment without process,” revealing that he faces not only threats of prosecution but also direct threats of assassination."There have been attempts by people to get into this embassy through the windows at night. I am an assassination risk. It is not a joke. It is a serious business."

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