Colombia’s ban on animal testing now one step closer to implementation

Colombia’s ban on animal testing now one step closer to implementation
Colombia has been one of those who move towards banning the use of animals for testing out cosmetic products.Cruelty-Free International has reported that the Colombian government, the Congress, and the House of Representatives had been unanimous in this bill that seeks to create the ban in using animals as testers to cosmetics and other products and had looked towards having this activity deemed illegal in the entire country.Both houses have to set a date to have the bill approved, but it will be driving the country towards change in treating all living organisms with respect. Once the bill is approved, cosmetic factories, industrial plants, and other experiment laboratories in the country that use animals for product testing would soon cancel their animal testing altogether. The ban would be set to take effect within the regulated days on the passing of the bill into law on the Colombian constitution.The Director of Public Affairs of the organization, Kerry Postlewhite, had sent her congratulations to the Colombian government, especially to Honorable Losada. She’s also looking forward to the country to create awareness to everyone about animal cruelty and the use of animals for testing out products that may induce illnesses to these helpless creatures.She is hopeful that that global community would soon follow in Colombia’s footsteps in ensuring that animals would be cruelty-free forever. She had reiterated about the message of living together in harmony without inflicting pain or pressure to anyone or anything as well.So far, the organization seeks to protect animals from any acts of cruelty and is hopeful of having Colombia as one of the countries who has implemented a total ban on animal cruelty. Other members include New Zealand, Taiwan, India, Israel, Norway, and most countries under the European Union. They are also excited for Colombia to inspire her neighboring countries to follow suit in implementing the ban.

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