Donald Trump is Not Giving Up On the Mexico Border Shutdown Anytime Soon

Donald Trump is Not Giving Up On the Mexico Border Shutdown Anytime Soon
As Donald bids to crack down on illegal migrants on the Mexico-USA border, he is contemplating on another step. He has pronounced the relocation of migrants from Mexico to the USA as a national emergency. The emergency is to pave the way for billions of dollars that will be used to fund the construction of the southern border. Nevertheless, the president is optimistic that he will shut down the entry altogether. This is not the first time Trump has made such decisions. In 2017, he imposed a travel ban from many Muslim nations, an idea that was met with a substantial legal contest. As a result, a supreme court ordered that the ban be revoked and reinstated. The same scenario may apply to the potential border closures at Mexico as it is likely to encounter such legal contests.

Legal Challenges Likely to Rise

The US government is permitted to shut down the southern border under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 212(f) and 215(a). It is the same section that Trump cited in his travel injunction. Also, included was 19 USC 2 which permits the Customs and Border Protection Authority to cease custom ports and office operations at the US point of entry. People are most probably to contest against the injunction.

The 1980 Refugee Act in the Spotlight

The most significant debate lies in the Refugee Act of 1980. When the border shuts down, the act will infringe. University of Colorado's Professor Donald Klingner said that he is more than concerned about the warnings Trump authority is posing to global peace, social justice, and economic stability. Nevertheless, the professor chooses to follow the steps of his founding fathers whereby their confidence lies in the institutions other than people. Klingner further adds that while the Constitution at times may render it problematic for competent and public-spirited leaders to place and implement their policy agendas, it was not intended to help good politicians but to inhibit dictatorship by the bad ones.

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