Compassionate Peru hotel manager welcomed Venezuelan refugees

Compassionate Peru hotel manager welcomed Venezuelan refugees
A hotel manager of the Toloa hotels in Tumbes, Peru, had welcomed refugees from Venezuela.At first, Percy Ariansen had thought that the trickling number of Venezuelan refugees would only include those who were able to afford the hotel stay. However, with the United Nations Refugee Agency funding, he was able to welcome more of the refugees who came into Peru via the Southwest border.Ariansen had relayed his experience when the stream of refugees started checking in to the hotels and was welcomed by other prominent patrons of the said hotel, even shared a meal with them. To him, this action had proved him a man of social conscience without ever becoming totally charitable and losing his job altogether. He had been talking about how this experience had inspired him to become a better person.The United Nations Refugee Agency had continued to assist refugees from Venezuela while the political upheaval and insurgencies have been going on. Many neighbouring nations have welcomed most of the citizens and had given shelter to most of them. For Ariansen, this is the best thing he can do for those who need shelter and protection. He had even relayed his experience about receiving a pregnant guest, a woman named Heirines Sifontes, who was expecting for 36 weeks now and had been working on crossing the border in order to get herself and her family, including her future child, to safety. She was given a room good for four people and was told to use it as long as she liked. She was able to deliver the baby properly and had started moving towards living a better life in Peru.Many stories have been collected while as the political insurgency in Venezuela had continued. However, these stories bring in more inspiration and role models like Ariansen who cared for his fellowmen even in times of turmoil and grave circumstances.

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