Venezuelan street protests reveal a deep divide

Venezuelan street protests reveal a deep divide
On Saturday, the rival political faction took place in the towns across Venezuela. There was a confrontation between the people protesting and the CARACAS, Venezuela AP, in a bid to harmonize the crisis-affected nation. Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who is being backed by the U.S, is trying to eject communist President Nicólas Maduro. These matches are the first he has administered since his legal protections as a congressman were gotten rid of by Maduro loyalists. Maduro’s supporters intended to prosecute Guaidó in the attempt of arresting him for purportedly infringing the constitution.Power blackout experienced across VenezuelaThe demonstrations precede power outages that have resulted in most of the country thriving in the darkness for several days. The nation has also suffered from a lack of water supply and network disconnections. Maduro has attributed the adversities as a terrorist act led by his political rivals. In the meantime, large masses of Maduro’s supporters, majority dressed in scarlet red and congregated in Caracas city, waved flags and danced to the loud music as they stomped to the presidential palace.Guaidó still presses on As Guaidó addressed his mass at the Caracas Avenue, he advised them to remain united and continue pressuring till Maduro resigns. He further communicated that the country is not fearful and will go ahead with the matches on the streets until they gain freedom. Guaidó attempted to channel Venezuelans' ire by appealing to the masses in the city to march to Corpoelec, the capital of the national power utility. His demonstrators said that the power outage is another disappointment of the communist government. Beatriz Cisneros, a sixty-two-year-old critique of Venezuela's depreciated fuel industry, said that the regime has failed. Cisneros further adds that the health system is a big mess as hospitals ceased providing primary care. The same case applies to the education system. The protesters are fighting to restore liberty in Venezuela. 

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