Pan-American Highway reopened as government and natives reached a compromise

Pan-American Highway reopened as government and natives reached a compromise
A $266 million budget was agreed upon by the government and the natives in order to unblock the major highway in South America. President Duque would also have a personal visit to the natives of Cauca this coming Tuesday for further negotiations between them and the indigenous groups in the rural Colombian region. The protesters are anticipating this talk and would continue to collaborate with the Colombian government on their demands for respect, freedom of expression, and protection from violence against those who are anti-indigenous.Cauca's Regional Indigenous Council (CRIC) have been negotiating with the government on their concerns and have been the very group who is spearheading the protests ever since it started last Saturday. Nancy Patricia Gutierrez, the Interior Minister, has talked about this negotiation for long, which had followed on the series of incidents that had caused violence in the Cauca, and in Popayan, where at least nine people have died because of the ongoing riots.The multimillion-dollar investment has been programmed towards housing, economic growth and development, strengthened protection for the indigenous, especially its leaders, and road infrastructure improvements. The violent events that had happened last week had called for an urgent solution. Albeit the notions that the violence was caused by those who have business and political interests, the government had been adept in keeping up with the security of the natives and those who were victims of the insurgency between the natives and non-natives.Peace talks between the Colombian president and the natives were anticipated by many in Colombia in hopes that it would bring the best solution to end the violence. Indigenous groups have been patient enough to listen to the government though they have made threats of taking over Popayan.The talk was anticipated by many in the country to bring the best solution to stop the riots in the southwest.

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