There Will be no Summit With Central America Countries: Trump Guatemala Today

There will be no US- Central American countries summit on immigration. This was revealed by the US president Donald Trump. Many anticipated a summit with Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to solve the current impasse.The president is reported to have told the “Fox & Friends Weekend" that he does not think a summit will improve the relationship between the USA and the Central American countries. This sent cold shivers to many people who depend on the border for their livelihood.The interview was reported by The Hill last Friday.Just last week, Trump had threatened to close the U.S-Mexico border completely. He also cut off aid to Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. However, he later changed his mind on entirely closing the border. The relationship between the US and these countries is now really strained.Trump blamed Mexico for not doing enough to stop hundreds of immigrant heading towards US border. He further pointed out that just last week, over fifteen hundred people were returned from the US side of the border. He lamented that over one thousands were interjected the day before.However, according to the Department of the Interior (SEGOB), which is the government arm responsible for reporting the number of people attempting to immigrant, these figures are highly exaggerated. It is, therefore, hard to know the actual figure of the number of people attempting to close the border.Although there is a problem of immigration, his failure to call a summit to iron things out has made it hard to resolve the issue amicably. Trump believes that he is doing well already without a summit noting that he has saved over 500 million dollars.It was not immediately clear what actions the three countries will take now that aid cut and permanent closure of border look imminent.

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