ICC Asked to Investigate Killings of Colombia’s Social Leaders

ICC Asked to Investigate Killings of Colombia’s Social Leaders
The International Criminal Court (ICC) was formally asked yesterday by human rights leaders from Colombia and Europe to conduct an investigation of the recent killings of several social leaders in the South American country. The formal report was handed over to the ICC headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands. Social leaders across the country together with the opposition politicians wanted the court to start the investigation for the alleged systematic murders and to know who is behind the recent killings.Local police authorities estimated that there were about 500 people who showed up in the ICC headquarters to join the event.According to the human right advocates, the South American country has failed miserably in the investigation and finding who is behind the killings and the need for international intervention are inevitable. According to the report handed to the ICC, the Columbian government is incompetent to investigate the series of murders due to conflict of interest and the presence of illegal elements inside several government authorities. The clear lack of political will was also the reason for the failure of the government to launch a thorough investigation according to the report.The statistics have revealed that the recent killing spree was at its highest during the election campaign period and the increase of violence targeting several social leaders after a peace agreement was made with the now disbanded leftist group FARC last 2016.The said report also reveals regular, systematic and even methodical patterns of the assassination of several social leaders of Colombia. The report also noted that the killings follow an “organized set of rules” although the killings were made by different groups.The report also indicates that the majority of the victims were engaged in local works related to ethnic and indigenous people. The murders have also happened in all vulnerable areas across Columbia, the report added.

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