Tariffs on cars from Mexico planned to be implemented if drugs don’t stop – Trump

Tariffs on cars from Mexico planned to be implemented if drugs don’t stop – Trump
US President Donald Trump has warned Mexico on its rising drug activity, stating that if drugs don’t stop, he will be closing the border or put tariffs on everything that is coming from Mexico, including cars coming into the United States.Earlier this year, President Trump has been adamant about closing the US-Mexico borders on the conditions of the growing illegal immigrants on the southern borders. Now, he has been reiterating the threat of closing the borders due to the increase in illegal drug activities in the country and, that, he wouldn’t want this to spread inside the US. This decision has been criticized by business leaders and advisers, concerning the essence of Mexico in the US economy. They have expressed their concern about this, stating that this would hurt the US economy if the president would continue to create drastic measures to close the border or control the entry and exits of the border in terms of the flow of supply of goods and services.As President Trump had his authority to impose tariffs on national security grounds, his action towards the control of immigration on the border and the addition of tariff on goods have been disagreeable to many organizations. The Mexican Ambassador to the US, Martha Barcena, had stated her sentiment on the immigration. She mentioned that there is a need for orderly manners in doing the immigration process, but this could not be stopped. The Mexican undersecretary for North America, Jesus Seade, had stated on the issue of imposing tariffs of Mexican goods coming into the US. He had brushed off the issue and had referred this concern to the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, noting that the tariffs were not part of the agreement.The president has continued to decide on the border issue but no formal statement, other than his official Twitter account, had been released as of today.

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