An Ecuador Family Linked with Bribery Incidences Acquired Multiple Properties in Miami

An Ecuador Family Linked with Bribery Incidences Acquired Multiple Properties in Miami
Longtime politician, Carlos Polit, has been sentenced for obtaining bribes from an enormous building company based in Miami. Not less than three expensive properties in Florida bought through anonymous companies are linked to Polit. According to the public documentation, it is evident that the estates mutually purchased were almost seven million dollars under the name of Florida Limited Liability Company.

Carlos Polit’s Son was an Accomplice in the Bribery Saga

At first, the properties were purchasable with no mortgage requiring title disclosure. Later, mortgages were taken out on the estates, bearing the title of Polit’s son, John c. Polit. Miami Herald and McClatchy acquired the loan. Last year, John was convicted in Ecuador for being a collaborator to his father’s coercion offense. Both were sentenced for concealing money extracted from a Brazilian engineering company known as Odebrecht. The firm has acknowledged that corruption has affected both Ecuador and Brazil. Limited Liability companies in Florida do not need disclosure of the right owners. Estates linked to Polit have revolving group of directors who mostly come from Ecuador. This aspect further explains the confusion in public documentation titles. Polit’s name is not in any of the Limited liability firms. Instead, the name showing is Ecuador’s old-time comptroller general.

Ecuador Politicians and Business Elite Hide their Wealth Abroad

Polit escaped to Miami before the corruption charges in 2017. In June 2017, Ecuador declared him as an absconder even though his son has moved to and fro between Ecuador and Miami. Efforts were made to contact the Polit family through their business acquaintances, telephone calls, and stopovers at the Miami properties. The comrades obtained a card and talked briefly, but the Polit family did not reply to comments requested. Ecuador politicians are known to seek refuge in Miami and also extract fortunes. Beginning of March, the Florida Justice authority declared a team to combat the use of illegally acquired money obtained in Miami real estate.

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