Mexican Government Demands for an Apology from its Spanish Conqueror

Mexican Government Demands for an Apology from its Spanish Conqueror
Charlie Valentino Leon Flores Vera, deputy of the Mexican president’s party, called the Spanish people as the “worst of the races.” This statement of him is to defend the act of Mexico’s president Lopez Obrador Moreno who sent a letter to the King of Spain demanding for an apology of the inhumane conquest of Spain to Mexico.The deputy even added that a mere apology from the King of Spain would not even suffice in healing the indignities Spain had caused to the native Mexican people during the colonization period. He stressed that they should apologize on their knees as a way of showing great remorse for the condemnable acts of their predecessors. Moreover, Pope Francis was also a subject of president Moreno’s letter since the president believed that the church had a definitive role in the Spanish conquest.Deputy Leon Flores Vera compared the state of living in the US, Canada, and Mexico. He claimed that Canada, being a colony of France and England, is way more developed than Mexico. In the same manner, the greatness of America is attributed to their English colonizers. What he meant by those comparisons is to stress the idea that the kind of colonizers occupying a specific nation has a great bearing on the present life of that colony. And clearly, Mexico had been so disadvantaged for being colonized by the “worst of all races.”However, the acts of president Moreno and deputy Vera was met by severe criticisms from other lawmakers of Mexico who called their act as “out of order.”The Spanish government strongly denied the request made by the Mexican leaders, saying that Spain has nothing to do with the moral collapse of present Mexico. And although the corrupt Spanish culture may have affected them, the Mexicans should still take full responsibility for their own affairs.

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