The ambassador of Chile to Haiti, Patricio Utreras was assaulted by gunmen in a village in Haiti when he was on a visit to support a clean water project. The project is operated by Fundacion America Solidaria, an NGO that advocates for clean water. Patricio Utreras together with his wife and several employees of the NGO were descended upon by 5 men who were armed with AK-47s.
A Chilean newspaper, La Tercera, recounted that the hitmen at around midday arrived at Boutin which is located about 19 kilometers from the capital of Haiti Port-au-Prince in a White Ford and opened fire on the ambassador and his group. The Chilean foreign ministry stated that the security officers that are mandated to protect the ambassador returned fire on the assailants forcing them to flee. Authorities have opened an investigation into this attack which apparently has no motive.
There were clashing reports with Chile’s foreign ministry stating that one of the workers of Fundacion America Solidaria had succumbed to death while the group involved in the attack attested that everyone was safe. Also, a number of Chilean media were recounting that one of the gunmen was killed when the security officers returned fire. The driver of the ambassador suffered gunshot wound on his wrist, and Chile’s foreign ministry added that everyone involved was taken to hospital for examination.
Fundacion America Solidaria reported that one of its drivers went missing and also one of its workers also suffered gunshot wounds. The report also included that an engineer with Proyecto Universal, Andy Blaise, as well as a member of Haiti’s National Directorate of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Abner Cejuste was also missing. The Haitian officials, however, did not immediately issue their statement on the attack. The attack on the ambassador and his group happened at the time when the security condition in Haiti is deteriorating which has caused several weeks of protests.


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