Impoverished Areas in Colombia Suffering from Post Conflicts

Impoverished Areas in Colombia Suffering from Post Conflicts
Because of the various conflicts and wars happening in the impoverished areas in Colombia, the country itself is suffering from a dire situation. While many areas in Colombia are suffering from post-conflicts, some areas still do not have peace yet. Due to this, the security in those regions has decreased, leaving the citizens vulnerable to more attacks.Tumaco is one of the prime examples of an area in harsh post-conflict. Due to the conflicts that happened in Tumaco, the local economy worsened, shooting up the rate of poverty.Tumaco isn't the only area that is suffering from post-conflict. In fact, there have been five recent conflicts in the entire country, all due to the National Liberation Army and the People's Liberation Army. Other armed attacks were from Gaitanista Self Defence Forces of Colombia and FARC-EP Eastern Bloc.While there are already attacks from these groups, the ICRC Delegation of Colombia predicts that conflicts may become even worse this year due to border issues. Migrants are usually the subject of conflict due to conflicting beliefs about these border issues.The conflicts led to various enforced disappearances of many individuals in these post-conflict areas. In fact, around 80,000 people were reported missing in the entire country. The numbers still seem to be growing.Despite that, the ICRC Delegation of Colombia plans to try to further investigate these disappearances and bring them to justice. According to Christoph Harnisch, the Head of the ICRC Delegation of Colombia, the humanitarian situation must change so that existing disappearances can be solved and more can be prevented. He also mentioned that cooperation from the State and armed groups are needed to make this a success.By starting with small steps, the group aims to stop the violence in the country to make all areas safe for the millions of citizens who live there.

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