Eighteen people reported dead in a road traffic accident in western Guatemala

Eighteen people reported dead in a road traffic accident in western Guatemala
An articulated truck had hit eighteen people dead in Nahuala in Solola in a dark road along KM 158 of the Pan American Highway, firefighters have reported about the incident. The president of Guatemala, His Excellency Jimmy Morales, had tweeted earlier in his official Twitter account the sad tragedy that took lives in another road accident that has been rampant all over the country because of poor road traffic lighting and support. He had formerly declared that thirty casualties were reported in the incident but was reduced to eighteen following the ongoing investigation on the said incident. The major highways of Guatemala have been witnesses to various road accidents, some caused major casualties and damage to properties. As of the moment, authorities have continued conducting the investigation to grasp the whole incident in order to serve justice to those who have died in this road accident. In earlier reports, it has been noticed that the driver had not turned on the headlights, failing to see the people gathered in the dark side of the road and crashed onto them. So far, no reports have been listed that indicated the status of the driver, but the government has reached out to the families of the victims of this terrible road accident in order to give assistance over the loss of their relatives. The country has been noted to be dangerous when it comes to its network of roads and highways and the imprudence of drivers who have failed to follow traffic rules despite the strict implementation of the government concerning road safety. The incident has been considered one of the most tragic. In 2013, a road accident took forty-three lives and injuries to those who survived after a bus crashed into a barrier and fell off in a cliff in a rural region in the country. 

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