Mexican President requests apology from Spain

Mexican President requests apology from Spain
Last Tuesday, Josep Borrell, Spain’s Foreign Minister, expressed that he feels distressed by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s call for an apology when it’s obvious that Spain will not be giving any.During his routine press conference, President Obrador has announced that he has sent a letter to the Pope and to the King of Spain asking apology be made to natives (indigenous Mayans).In addition, the Mexican President insisted that the apology should be about violations to ‘human rights.’However, political parties have different views of the Mexican President’s actions. Popular Party’s Ciudadanos and far-right party Vox condemned the letter whereas Unidas Podemos (leftist group) shielded the said appeal.Podemos reasoned that the President’s actions gave a possibility for Mexico to review its history and that this is a ‘matter of will and awareness.’López Obrador has already announced that he will not be attending the 500th Founding Anniversary of Veracruz City on April 22 unless the matter is given a solution.Headed by the Socialist Party (PSOE), the Spanish government has already rejected the request. The latter declared that it had received the same demand weeks ago but refused to apologize.Borell said that Spain will not give in as it’s unusual to receive a request for an apology for something that happened 500 years ago.The Vatican, on the other hand, has not answered to Lopez Obrador’s letter.Pablo Casado, leader of conservative PP, baulked at the government’s initiative and their leftist friend, Pedro Sanchez.Casado, who will be competing with Sánchez for the general election this April 28, stated that what López Obrador did was a clear insult to the Spanish Government and that he will not let it slide.In the end, López Obrador stated that he was not trying to raise alarm nor confrontation with other government.

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