Second Power Outage in Venezuela

Second Power Outage in Venezuela
A new power outage shocked the whole of Venezuela last Monday around 1 in the afternoon. The outage affected most of the country’s means of communication and is said to have spread across 16 out of the 23 states of Venezuela. A non-government group in Europe that monitors internet censorship, Netblocks, said that the outage affected 57 percent of telecommunications infrastructure in the country.The officials blamed the power outage on their opponents, saying that they sabotaged the Guri dam, source of the country’s electricity, with the support of the US. They said the same thing about the power outage that happened prior to this one.Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez stated that the repair only took a few hours, much different from the five to six days it took to repair the first one. However, despite the reassurances the officials gave, the public remained angry. Lilian Hernandez, a 27-year-old restaurant manager, was already bracing herself for the worst despite the flicker of service that came back in parts of Caracas. She said that Venezuelans suffered all kinds of problems and that they needed a real solution that didn’t obey political interests.Meanwhile, Trump administration denied all allegations of involvement in the power outage that the administration of Venezuela is throwing at them. Guaido, the opposition leader, and electricity experts blamed the outage on Venezuela President Marudo’s administration itself instead, stating that this was because of years of government graft and incompetence. Guaido even said and wrote on Twitter that the outage was just evidence of the incapability of the dictator, a title that was given to Marudo, to resolve the crisis.There has been a great issue between Venezuela President Marudo and Guaido, together with the US and other countries, as the latter believe that Marudo’s win in the re-election was nothing but legitimate. On the other side, Marudo alleges that Guaido and the US are now plotting a coup.

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