Four Hundred People Sue a Mexico Holiday Operator for The Failure of Warning Them Against a Dangerous Parasite


Upset tourists have sued one of the largest tour operators in Mexico after being struck by a crippling bug. Many of them ended up vomiting with frequent diarrhea. The tour operator known as TUI is held responsible for not communicating on public health concerns to tourists about cyclospora, an insect that causes diarrhea and vomiting. The travelers have faulted the deadly bug for spoiling their tour which included honeymoons.

Arguments Rise on Whether Travelers Got an Alert

In July and August 2016, the Association of British Travel Agents informed the UK tourists that individuals should be alerted before touring Mexico about the cyclospora outbreak. Nonetheless, Simpson Millar, a law firm speaking on behalf of the travelers, said that none of its customers was given notice about the awful insect before booking the trip. Some tourists argued they were given an alert letter once the plane landed in Mexico.

Victims of the Bug were Extremely Ill

Chris Gillan from the UK, an engineer by profession, is one of the four hundred people taking legal action against the tour operator. He comes from Hertfordshire and was longing to have a fifth wedding anniversary with his wife, Marisa. Chris paid three thousand euros for this tour not knowing it will end up as a nightmare. When he got bit by the bug, he became weak and thought he would die. The engineer had to be carried to the hospital by helpers. Gillan explains that he had never experienced such sickness in his lifetime. Once struck, he said that he started having stomach aches and vomiting blood.

Another couple that was affected is Georgia and Jack. They were on a honeymoon when the parasite bit Jack. The couple claims they were also never warned of the bug before the trip and during the stay. Jack became ill on the second day and had to rush to a local hospital with unpleasant conditions.


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