Assassination of Journalists in Mexico Continues Despite President’s Vow to Stop It

Assassination of Journalists in Mexico Continues Despite President’s Vow to Stop It
It was in 2018 when the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was elected as the new president of the country. In his victory speech, he vowed to halt the killings of journalists, saying that they were not going to allow it.Unfortunately, despite the President’s promise, the killings continued. Just last week, Jesus Hiram Moreno was shot in the back in Oaxaca. The crime happened even when Moreno was in a federal program that is for the safety of reporters. The good thing is that Moreno was able to survive the attack.The same thing couldn’t be said about Santiago Barroso, another reporter. On March 15, Santiago was killed right at his home. He was shot by armed gunmen right after he opened the door of his house in San Luis Rio, Colorado.Adding to the body count is Omar Ivan Camacho. His body was found on Sunday under a bridge in Sinaloa.Six murders make the total number of journalist killings since the new President has taken office on December 1, and all of which are still without justice. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, this makes the total number of reporters killed to 71 over the span of a decade. This is excluding the 21 missing reporters who are presumed dead. All these put Mexico to the top spot in the list of deadliest countries for journalists.The critics admitted that President Obrador has inherited a country that has rampant corruption and impunity and that change is impossible to happen overnight. However, they also stated that the lack of a concrete plan from the administration to fight corruption and impunity surely doesn’t help.In the midst of all these, the President of Mexico gave the public his promise again that his administration would do everything within its power to stop the killings of journalists.

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