Is Hezbollah’s Presence in Venezuela Sparking A Crisis There?

Is Hezbollah’s Presence in Venezuela Sparking A Crisis There?
According to analysts, the political and humanitarian tumult in the South American country is likely to disrupt the illegal activities of the Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group. The beginning of the Venezuela crisis was seen in January this year. The United States has put on sanctions on Venezuela due to the presence of the illicit activities by the militant group. According to the current situation on the ground, many observers are worried about the future of the Lebanese militant group.

What’s the relationship between the Venezuela government and the Hezbollah military group?

The embattled Venezuela Government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, has continued to have close links with the Hezbollah militant groups and benefactor Iran government. The Iran Government has been aiding the militant group financially and militarily. The growth of the Hezbollah militants in the Latin American country is a big concern to the US government.According to the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, many people don’t recognize the active cells of the Hezbollah militant group, hence endangering the people of Venezuela and the rest of the Latin American states. Pompeo added that the United States must protect the Americans from any imminent threat coming from the illicit activities of the militant groups.

What’s the position of the United States on Hezbollah?

The US has designated the Hezbollah as a significant transnational criminal terrorist organization in the world. The United States has continued to put on sanctions on the military group and any other country supporting the activities of the terrorist group.The US had consultative meetings last December with 13 western hemisphere states to discuss the threat by Hezbollah in the region.  The US government has put up sanctions against key figures in the Hezbollah organization to curb the activities of the terrorist group. The penalties are believed to be a significant setback to the group’s financial operations in Venezuela and the rest of the Latin American region.

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