Protest Welcomed Brazil’s Bolsonaro as the Leader Arrived in Chile

Protest Welcomed Brazil’s Bolsonaro as the Leader Arrived in Chile
A planned protest welcomed Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro as he arrived in Santiago, Chile for his second official trip the other day. Fresh from what he called as a “historic moment” of visiting the United States and President Donald Trump, the Brazilian leader is expected to receive a cold welcome among the leftist politicians and lawmakers in the country.Several Chilean lawmakers have planned to declare the leader as a “Persona Non Grata” while other leftist politicians have refused to attend a lunch that was intended to honor the president of Brazil. It was recalled that the invitation to the same launch precipitated an outcry after it was instructed that male attendees should wear a dark suit while female attendees should wear a short dress. Several leftist lawmakers have already boycotted the same lunch.Thomas Hirsch, a federal deputy, expressed his disappointment through his official Twitter account saying that he will not participate in a lunch with a president like Bolsonaro as he deeply regrets that the administration of President Piñera is getting closer to the most extreme government of the planet today.Feminist deputy Miate Orsini also expressed her disappointment through her Twitter account saying that the Chilean government has received and honored a president who is xenophobic and misogynistic. She also expressed her disappointment with the lunch invitation that requires female federal deputies to wear short dresses.Meanwhile, the Chilean LGBT community has planned to stage a protest against the president whom they said promotes divisiveness and promotes discrimination against women, LGBT, and other minorities. Normal citizens of the nation have also expressed their discontent of the government’s warm welcome of the Brazilian president. The hashtag #BolsonaroPersonaNonGrata has been trending on Twitter in the country for how many days.Bolsonaro who arrived in Santiago Thursday night will participate in several bilateral meetings that aim to promote regional trade initiatives with the Chilean Government.

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