2 Gang Members Burned Alive by Vigilantes after Killing a Taxi Driver

2 Gang Members Burned Alive by Vigilantes after Killing a Taxi Driver
Two gang members were burned alive by Guatemalan vigilantes after killing a taxi driver outside a church. Roger Ronald Carillo, 23 years old and Edwin Herrera, 19 years old, two suspected Mara 18 criminal organization gang members were both burned to death by angry vigilantes after killing Fardy Mayen Perez Miranda, the 23-year old cab driver in Mixco, Guatemala. Also arrested by the authorities was Edy Guillermo Sanchez, also a cab driver who was believed to have provoked the crowd from killing the two suspected gunmen.Miranda, the taxi driver was reportedly eating inside his vehicle when the two gunmen riding in a motorcycle approached and suddenly shot him to death.The two gangsters have allegedly tried to extort the taxi driver who reportedly refused while trying to drive away before he was shot to death. The two gang members were allegedly part of a bigger organization that has been extorting taxi drivers in the area. According to reports, the two gang members tried to give a mobile phone to the driver, but he refuses to take it. He tried to get away from the two gunmen but was immediately shot at the vicinity of the Mormon Church in the area.Taxi drivers who were within the area tried to help and prevent the two suspected gunmen from driving away from the crime scene. Both gang members were reportedly punched, kicked, and were severely beaten by the angry cab drivers. Some were even throwing stones before burning them alive as the police authorities in the area could only watch.According to a witness, one of the gunmen were was burned and was seen having difficulty standing up as his leg was engulfed with flames before police authorities eventually helped the severely beaten and burned gang member. The two gang members were proclaimed dead after spending several hours in the hospital.

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