Is this it for Lionel Messi?

Is this it for Lionel Messi?
Who is the Greatest of all time when it comes to modern day football? Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Diego Maradona or the phenomenal Lionel Messi? Every soccer fan has his or her own preference when it comes to selecting his top choice. However, there is no doubt that almost every soccer fan regards Messi as one of the greatest player ever to grace the football pitch. But despite all the success, awards and tournaments that have been dominated by this iconic player, there is one tournament that has evaded him: International football glory.Argentina has fallen prey to major international tournaments and has failed to win a Single major international trophy over the past decade (excluding the Olympics). This is evident by their poor results from the previous 2018 World cup tournament where they were edged out by a resilient French team. It doesn’t stop here, Argentina’s quest to dominate South America has been fouled twice when they lost to Chile on both occasions when it came to Copa America (both finals in 2015 and 2016). The Country’s loss in 2016 took a huge toll on Messi that he decided to retire from international football although he later on rescinded the decision.So will the upcoming Copa America which is set to begin in three months time offer some form of redemption to Messi and the entire Argentinian football team? It remains to be largely seen which team selection will favor them this time, and there is also a major concern as to whether Messi will participate in the first place. The coaching staff has come under huge pressure to deliver better results and has seen prominent figures being laid off including national team coach Jorge Sampaoli who has been replaced by caretaker manager Coach Scaloni.Whether Messi will shine this time around or bottle it again, we will all see.

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