Faulty UPS is Likely to Have Caused OVH Data Center Fire

Faulty UPS is Likely to Have Caused OVH Data Center Fire
Octave Klaba, the chairman and founder of OVH, has given a feasible explanation of why the OVH datacenter in Strasbourg, France, burned down due to a massive fire last 10th of March, 2021.Today, OVH is the largest cloud computing provider in Europe and is ranked as the third-largest hosting provider in the world. Some of the company’s services include dedicated servers, VPS, and other cloud computing services.As a result of the fire, some online properties were affected. They include the hit online multiplayer survival game Rust, the free online chess server Lichess, the open-source disk encryption tool VeraCrypt, the crypto-exchange blog of Deribit, the Center Pompidou art building, AFR-IX telecom company, eeNews Europe, and many more.Following the fire, customers of OVH were advised to enable their contingency plans for recovering data since the disastrous fire had caused numerous data centers to become unusable. Consequently, this affected multiple websites worldwide.

Malfunctioning UPS Probable Cause Of Fire, Says OVH Chairman

OVH Chairman and founder Octave Klaba, released a video providing an update on the incident and an apology to everyone affected by the disaster.  OVH has no definitive answers yet on the exact cause of the fire, which brought down the data centers. However, Octave Klaba has mentioned that a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) was serviced on the morning before the incident and could be the cause for the fire. Klaba went on to say that when the firefighters arrived on-site, images that were taken using thermal cameras showed two of the Uninterrupted Power Supply units burning. The units were UPS7 and UPS8. According to Klaba, the UPS7 had just been serviced by a maintenance person that morning.Octave Klaba mentioned that UPS7 had many of its parts changed, and the unit rebooted earlier that day. Concurrently, all was well after the maintenance, and the UPS was running perfectly before the incident began. Fortunately, the chairman said that they had 300 cameras installed on the Strasbourg data center and it would be easier to identify the cause of the fire.

SBG2 Data Center Was an Older Generation

Since the fire, OVH has made plans to rebuild the data center and add extra resources. According to Klaba, a total of 2,000 servers were procured as of March 11, 2021, and 1,000 units will arrive in a few days.Octave Klaba mentioned that the SBG2, the Strasbourg data center that was involved in the fire incident, was an old generation data center built around 2011. OVH is currently working on replacing outdated infrastructure with modern technology.Klaba and his team are currently working on the SBG3 data center, a new and distinct generation of data centers for the company. He said that SBG3 was not affected by the SBG2 fire incident since it is a different project and is currently being deployed on another site with brand new tech.OVH is currently trying to increase the capacity and capability of its production factory. This will make it possible for OVH to deploy approximately 2,500 servers per week, and a total of 10,000 servers upon the completion of the new data center. 

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