Essential Oils – Hemp Oil

Essential Oils – Hemp Oil

With the start of another new year many people are making resolutions to live healthier and happier lives. Natural products are an excellent approach to doing just that like best CBD oil for pain. The various extracts and oils derived from hemp seed, jojoba, grape seed, vitamin E, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree are commonly used for many skin and health conditions.

The Benefits

Due to its unique composition of amino acids, protein, and fatty acids, hemp seed oil is often used reduce the signs of aging, symptoms of acne, psoriasis, eczema, and Fibromyalgia.

Few natural products are reportedly as good for bacterial and fungal skin conditions as Jojoba oil. Made from the beans in Jojoba pods, this oil contains unique antimicrobial properties that fight these unsightly, and uncomfortable, infections.

Studies show that the antioxidants in grape seed oil can be used to treat edema, hypertension, certain types of cancer, and chronic venous insufficiency.

Vitamin E intake has been shown to protect against free radicals (parasitic organic molecules within the body that can weaken healthy molecules) that are associated with aging, tissue damage, and some diseases.

With antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and other properties, rosemary oil increases circulation, scavenges for free radicals, and treats scurf and dandruff.

Thanks to the ursolic and rosmarinic acids contained within it, lavender oil is used for a variety of ailments. The conditions that it is most commonly used to relieve are spasms, bacterial infections, skin inflammation, skin revitalization, and treat burns. It can also act as an insect repellant and skin toner.

These are only a few of the many natural products and the health benefits that can come from using these as part of a healthy life regiment. If you are not including supplements in yours, why not start soon?

Advantages of Using Natural Skincare Products

The fact that we buy creams, lotions, toners, and other skincare products shows that most of us realize the importance of taking care of our skin. What we sometimes forget is that we need to be careful what chemicals, and other harmful ingredients, those products contain.

Our skin absorbs what we put on it, which in turn enters into our bodies with negative or positive results. Natural products are made of botanical ingredients that treat a variety of health and skin conditions without using harmful chemicals. Here are a few examples:

Thanks to the amino acids, protein, and fatty acids that it contains, hemp seed oil is often used reduce the symptoms of acne, psoriasis, eczema, Fibromyalgia, and signs of aging.

Lavender oil two main ingredients are ursolic and rosmarinic acids, which are used for several different ailments. The most common of these conditions are bacterial infections, spasms, skin inflammation, and burns. Interestingly, it is also an excellent natural skin toner and insect repellent.

Several medical studies show that antioxidants in grape seed oil are effective in preventing and treating certain types of cancer, edema, chronic venous insufficiency, and hypertension.

The antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties in rosemary oil have been shown to increase circulation, treat scurf and dandruff, and scavenge for free radicals.

These are only a few of the many examples. If you are not including supplements in your daily health regiment, now is the time to start!

Hemp - A Plant with a Time Honored Tradition of Medicinal Applications

Natural hemp products have a long history of use for a variety of health problems and conditions, and much of this traditional knowledge has been substantiated in medical studies.

Good for the Skin

As the largest organ in our body, the skin absorbs everything we touch and is therefore highly deserving of our attention and care. Due to the fatty acids, proteins, and other natural elements, hemp seed oil is one of the components on cannabis that is most often used for topical medical applications, including skin care.

These natural properties in hemp oil sooths and reduce the uncomfortable and unsightly symptoms of acne, psoriasis, eczema, Fibromyalgia and other skin related conditions. The EFA contained in hemp helps rebuild skin cell membranes, repairs skin tissue damage, and lessens the visual effects of sun damage and aging.

Medical Studies Provide Further Information

More recently, publicized research has shown that some ingredients in hemp oil could be beneficial for treating several chronic ailments like lung cancer, Alzheimer's, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, brain cancer, and other disorders and conditions.

These are only a few of the skin and general health benefits that come from hemp byproducts and hemp oil. When we take all of these benefits into consideration it is easy to understand why many health conscious individuals seriously consider hemp, and other natural products, to be among the best and most practical toxin-free options available to them when choosing natural treatment methods.

Rosemary Oil - A Fragrant and Medicinally Beneficial Plant

Rosemary oil is derived from a sweet-smelling evergreen herb that has a plethora of potential health benefits that include protecting the body from harmful free radicals that certain types of cancer, treating fungal and bacterial infections, stimulating the circulatory system, treating numerous different skin conditions, and relieving stress.

Free Radicals and Cancer

The antioxidants and vitamin E contained in rosemary oil help to fight against free radicals, and have been shown to be potentially effective in the prevention of certain types of cancer, (especially breast cancer), and other diseases related to the carcinogen process.

Skin, Hair, and Scalp

Several of these, and other, properties contained in rosemary oil also stimulate and protect individual skin cells, which reduces the signs of aging and helps the body to feel healthier and more energetic.

Because of its analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties, rosemary extract has been shown strengthen hair capillaries, treat scurf, dandruff, bacterial and fungal infections, and to increase circulation.

Respiratory Aid and Stress Relief

Due to its antiseptic properties, when rosemary oil is put in bath water, or in a pot, and the steam is inhaled it relieves flu, cold, and allergy symptoms in addition to providing relief from the soreness that results from throat congestion.

The scent of rosemary oil also has a long history of use as a stress reliever and energy booster, which is just another reason why rosemary oil is should essential addition to your daily health regiment.

Peppermint Oil - A Multifaceted Health Product

The primary ingredients menthol, menthone, vitamin C and A, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B2, dietary fiber, and folate have a variety of internal and external heath benefits

Internal Health Benefits

Studies have shown that peppermint oil is an excellent digestive aid and effective in treating stomach aches and digestive disorders. One such clinical study was done on patients of irritable bowel syndrome and showed a 50% decrease in symptoms over the 1-month period of the study.

Adding two or three drops of peppermint oil to a bowel of steaming hot water, and breathing in the vapor, provides temporary relief of asthma, bronchitis, nasal congestion and upper respiratory infections instantaneously.External Health BenefitsA massage with 15-20 drop of peppermint oil mixed into 1-ounce of massage oil is one of the most helpful, and enjoyable, ways to stress and sore muscles and simultaneously detoxify the body and stimulate the circulation system.

Patients have found topical applications of Peppermint oil to be effective in relieving the burning and itching symptoms associated with

A study done by the Neurological Clinic at the University of Kiel, Germany, showed a significant reduction in the amount of headache sensitivity in patients who used a topical application of peppermint oil combined with ethanol. When this combination is applied to the temples and forehead, it has been shown to be as effective acetaminophen (Tylenol) in relieving tension headaches.

These are only a few reasons why you should start using peppermint oil today

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